Lifestyle is the habits, attitudes, and behavioral orientations of a person, group, or community. The word was first introduced by Austrian psychiatrist Alfred Adler in his classic book, The Case of Miss R. with the more refined meaning of “the basic nature of the individual’s basic personality as determined early in life”. Today, it has become a much broader term, encompassing many concepts such as values, beliefs, standards, practices, norms, organizations, etc.


The word lifestyle was made popular again in the 20th century by American sociologist William Bates in his book, On the Beach; his emphasis on the search for a healthy lifestyle. After World War II, many adults returned from overseas to seek out new ways of living healthy and happy. One of the most significant changes in their approach to a healthy lifestyle was their replacement of the word “lifestyle” with the phrase “healthy habits”. With the emphasis on finding ways to balance “healthy habits” with their goals of a balanced life, many adults found that the change was motivated by other factors, not just the desire for a healthy lifestyle.

The popularity of blogs and social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and YouTube is another factor that has contributed to the generalization of the term lifestyle. Many people consider these social media outlets to be venues for self-expression and self-promotion, with little concern for other societal issues. The increasing value of these sites as tools for identity building has contributed to the increase in the use of the word lifestyle. While some lifestyle content may be useful in this way, it is important to realize that the content that is promoted on these media is not necessarily reflective of a balanced life or a healthy lifestyle.

One of the main concerns about marketing a lifestyle as an exercise program is that it can lead to weight gain, dehydration, or even physical health problems. This has led some lifestyle coaches to redefine the term, making it seem as though any change that promotes a healthy lifestyle can lead to unhealthy living. This is simply untrue. Lifestyle change does not necessarily result in unhealthy living; in fact, many lifestyle change methods are very healthy and promote an overall sense of well being. The best way to decide if a lifestyle change is right for you is to speak to your doctor and start an exercise routine.

In order for a lifestyle to be considered healthy, it must support a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health. While there is no study that supports the notion of a lifestyle being an indicator of long term health or happiness, many psychologists believe that some people are more active than others and lead healthier lifestyles. For example, an active lifestyle may include participation in sports or other activities, riding a bicycle, walking, or running. Some psychologists define a healthy lifestyle as one that promotes healthy connections to resources, such as friends and family. A healthy lifestyle can also involve a variety of tasks, such as socializing with co-workers, volunteering at a favorite charity, or working to master a hobby.

Many psychologists recommend adopting an active lifestyle, regardless of whether it involves participating in sports or other activity, as long as it promotes a healthy lifestyle. In addition, experts note that there is no single definition for a healthy lifestyle, but that most health problems can be reduced or avoided through a healthy lifestyle. The goals of a healthy lifestyle include promoting healthy eating, getting enough sleep, reducing stress, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol intake, and exercising regularly. In addition, experts stress the importance of making lifestyle changes that support these goals, as this will allow people to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid health problems, such as obesity and other physical diseases.

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