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Career Outlook for People in the Fashion & Beauty Industry

Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty since 1950 is the first scholarly journal dedicated solely to the critical appraisal of both the fashion and the Beauty industries as visual media of reproduction, identification and expression, representations, practice and social politics of objects, clothing and fashion. The present society is obsessed with appearances and fashion. Society’s ideas about beauty have changed constantly over the years, ranging from the everyday conventions of beauty that have been absorbed into everyday life, like wearing white linen pants to the social expectations for beauty, which are often very different from one culture to another. This journal presents both theoretical and practical essays on the subject of fashion & beauty. In a time when most people associate the term “fashion” with expensive, trendy fashions, this journal is needed more than ever.

Studying Fashion & Beauty is an intellectual adventure. A student of this discipline needs to be aware of how different cultures view beauty, how these different cultures are influenced by cultural assumptions about beauty, and how these assumptions vary across cultures. The student must also have an interest in history, aesthetics, sociology, literature, advertising, cosmology, cultural studies, anthropology, sociology, education, business, law, technology, and publishing. Most importantly, the student must be prepared for future job opportunities in the field of fashion & beauty, as well as the careers that will follow after completing their formal education. This study will take at least four years, though the research program may be completed faster if certain requirements are met.

Studying Fashion & Beauty offers many opportunities for students who have interests in teaching. Since the subject is so varied and dynamic, there is always room for multiple courses in the classroom. Many schools and universities offer internship programs, mentoring programs, one-on-one counseling, and group studies in areas related to the fashion industry. Students who enter the Fashion & Beauty industry as students should expect to be fully prepared for their careers within one or two years.

After completing a formal education in the Fashion & Beauty industry, students will be ready to take on career jobs related to marketing their creations in the marketplace. Many individuals start out as assistants to designers and styling staff. Eventually, they will be promoted to line managers, marketing managers, public relations directors, and creative directors. Students will need to have strong writing skills, as well as a thorough understanding of advertising, sales, marketing, and production. A background in finance and accounting will help a student to succeed in an entry-level position within the Fashion & Beauty industry.

There are many employment options for students interested in the field. High-end retail stores employ a number of graduates. Many entry-level positions are available at department stores and discount boutiques, such as Bath & Body Works, Dillards, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart. Health clubs, spas, tourist attractions, video game shops, cruise lines, and amusement parks all hire people of a variety of educational backgrounds. Service positions also exist in a number of industries, including cruise lines, hotels, event planning companies, and cruise ships.

The career prospects for fashion and beauty majors are excellent. Jobs are available throughout the world and wages are typically high. Many colleges and universities offer programs that prepare students for work in the fashion industry. Students can enroll in an associate’s degree program or a Bachelor’s degree program that focuses on marketing, business administration, communications, or marketing, while also offering courses related to the fashion industry.

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