Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty is an international journal that features original research and writing from academics and research groups involved in the study of fashion and beauty. The journal has been published since 1970 and is peer-reviewed and its scope covers a wide range of topics related to the culture and identities of women. It is written by scholars in various disciplines in the field of Fashion & Beauty including Fashion & Design, Education, Sociology, Art History, Theatre, Film & Television, Fashion & Lifestyle, Photography, Fashion & Studio Management.

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Critical Studies in Fashion & Beauty is an international peer-reviewed journal that feature original research and write on the critical study of fashion and beauty products, analyzing cultural varieties, consumer responses, identifying discursive elements, defining categories, identifying themes and organizing data. It is written by scholars in different fields of study in different time periods. As such, the volume and range of contributions from different authors from different countries, disciplines and geographical locations are varied. However, the aim and objectives remain common, which is to publish qualitative research papers focusing on issues related to women’s fashion and beauty.

In the present day scenario, having a fashion & beauty degree can be the first job for young women. This can be attributed to the fact that young people want to be associated with something that is prestigious, yet at the same time they also desire to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in order to conform with social expectations. With a degree in Fashion & Beauty, you will have better chances of finding a well-paid job in the fashion industry. Moreover, it can help you land promotions at your initial job as well as in your future job.

There are several reasons behind why a person would opt for a fashion & beauty course. One of the most common reasons is that women are drawn to beautiful people. Thus, having a degree in this field can give you an edge when it comes to dating. Young girls look up to celebrity beauties like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and try to emulate their styles. Also, fashion has become a big part of marketing where a person has to market not only her own beauty products and services, but also promote the products and services of her competitors.

Graduates of fashion & beauty colleges can expect to find good jobs in different departments related to the fashion industry. Retail stores, fashion weeks, catalogues, advertising agencies, department stores and specialty shops are some of the places where you can find a good job. In addition to that, you may also find a position in television commercials or music videos. The best part about getting a degree in fashion is that you will always be learning new things related to the fashion industry whether it is in the field of fashion design, makeup application, fashion marketing, retail management, merchandising and even fashion law.

There are many fashion programs online that offer an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. However, you can also find beauty schools that offer certificates, diploma and associate degrees. If you are currently working or have a family, it is important for you to consider attending a beauty school so you can become a professional in this field. Fashion & beauty schools can open a wide door for you if you have an eye for color, a creative spirit and endless imagination.

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