The Determinants Of Healthy Life Expectancy

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a condition that “is maintained with conscious effort and throughout the life” and not just the absence of illness and disease. Various definitions have also been used over time for various purposes. However, there are specific health issues which require immediate attention and medical attention. Examples of these include pregnancy, cancer, AIDS, HIV/AIDS, accidents, workplace accidents, post traumatic stress disorder, diabetes, melanoma, renal diseases, gastrointestinal problems, hypertension, osteoporosis, cancer of the lymphatic system, gastrointestinal disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, neurological disorders, and musculoskeletal disorders. The list goes on.

While everyone wants to lead a healthy life and maintain a healthy weight, there are many factors that affect a person’s health condition. For instance, if a person has high blood pressure or cholesterol, he/she might require treatment before he can live a healthy and normal life span. Likewise, if someone develops a serious or fatal disease, he cannot lead a healthy and normal life until he cured or his disease is treated. Thus, it is very important for an individual to keep in mind the tips on healthy life expectancy.

Maintaining a healthy mental health is considered to be one of the most important aspects of public health. People who lead a healthy lifestyle usually have higher levels of mental well-being. A number of researches have shown that people who are mentally healthy are happier with their lives and more prone to take part in activities that bring about social well being. Moreover, people who are healthy are less likely to commit suicide after taking part in certain studies. This proves that mental health truly contributes towards a healthy life.

In addition to having good physical health, people who have a high level of mental health are less likely to develop diseases or develop mental illnesses in their later years. A study on elderly people that was conducted showed that those individuals who were happy and had high social interaction were less likely to develop heart disease or cancers. Another study reveals that women who are happy with their husbands had lower chances of suffering from premenstrual syndrome or developing breast cancer. These studies show that having a happy and healthy marriage is a protective factor against various diseases. Indeed, happiness is a powerful preventive agent against certain diseases and disorders.

Public policies have focused on improving people’s health by providing them with health services and promoting healthy lifestyles. However, not all diseases can be prevented. This is why it is important to pay attention to a person’s diet, lifestyle, and medical history before assuming that a person is healthy. A good diet includes eating foods that are rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and protein. However, it is also important to note that many diet programs do not work especially for patients with high blood pressure or diabetes.

Studies show that physical activity, social interaction, and exercise are the most effective determinants of good health. To this end, many public health programmes focus on promoting physical activities and ensuring that everyone has access to health care. In fact, these programmes can help communities improve their overall health by affecting the determinants of healthy life expectancy.

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