Fashion & Beauty is an internationally recognized non-profit membership organization dedicated to inspiring women through the craft of fashion and beauty. Established in 2021, the organization championes creative communication behind the industry of fashion. The organization celebrates bold innovative work that fuels the industry forward, influences a competitive market of innovative ideas, and fosters meaningful relationships within the membership community. Each year, Fashion & Beauty issues a Breakthrough Fashion Winner and Best New Recipe Contest to recognize the personal and professional excellence of the women who are shaping the future of fashion and beauty.

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Established in 1890, during the height of the Victorian era, Fashion & Beauty has since evolved into a comprehensive world wide membership organization. Fashion & Beauty now encompasses the entire gamut of the fashion world including bridal, maternity, and children’s wear. Established by the legendary Victoria Beckham, today the organization has thousands of members from all walks of life. As a membership organization, Fashion & Beauty focuses on promoting women’s and girls’ access to the global marketplace through membership in its premier and regional Fashion Shows. The organization also sponsors a variety of youth and community programs that highlight the importance and relevance of women’s and girls’ beauty in today’s world.

The mission statement of Fashion & Beauty is “To inspire women to feel beautiful, chic, confident and worthy of her full potential”. Today’s world sees more women and girls feeling uncomfortable with their bodies and with their appearance. Because of this, more women and girls are turning to the world of fashion and beauty to find answers to their questions about their appearance and about themselves. The demand for knowledgeable and insightful people willing to arm them with the tools and information they need to feel beautiful is increasingly greater each day. As such, the need for a marketplace for selling ideas and products created by talented and creative people of all backgrounds has also grown.

Today, more than ever, fashion is not just seen in the big cities of New York, Paris and London. Many of the world’s leading fashion designers and manufacturers have offices and manufacturing facilities in countries around the world. In addition, millions of dollars are spent each year by companies to advertise and publicize their lines and merchandise internationally. For this reason, the organization believes strongly in promoting global commerce and the free flow of information and culture between nations and within countries.

In order to be considered a “World Leader” in fashion and beauty, Fashion & Beauty requires that it adhere to a number of strict policies and objectives. These policies and objectives include: promoting equal opportunity for women and men; providing a forum for sharing fashion and beauty secrets and information; creating a positive image for women in the marketplace; promoting safety and protection of all women; and providing opportunities for women in the workplace. The organization also encourages its member manufacturers and designers to work closely with government and regulatory agencies to further protect the interests of women in the marketplace.

The Fashion & Beauty industry has been successful in providing many women with high quality fashionable and affordable clothing. With its strong international presence and its commitment to equality among people worldwide, it is little wonder that Fashion & Beauty products and services are sold all over the world. And, with its strong American and European roots, it continues to grow and expand both as a marketplace and an industry.

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