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Fashion & Beauty – A Dream Or Reality?

Fashion & Beauty, launched in February, honors the unique creative communications around the world connected with fashion. The program inspires a competitive market of innovative ideas, propels the industry onward, and nurtures meaningful relationships within the design and creative community. Established in California, the program is led by Liz Wolfe and has offices in New York and London. Ms. Wolfe has been named an IDEA Master Practitioner in the field of Fashion & Beauty. She is also the founder and artistic director of the London Fashion School, where she serves as its professor and vice-principal.

The world’s best fashion schools produce dynamic new artists in every field. Ms. Wolfe is a former Miss Universe winner and currently teaches at a prestigious New York Fashion Institute. Before breaking into the field of fashion & beauty, Ms. Wolfe was a writer and artist, contributing articles to several publications including Vogue, L Magazine, Self Magazine, Seventeen, Redbook, Town and Larder, among others. Her first job as a writer was at Apple Computers where she covered everything from computers to celebrity fashion.

While at Apple, Ms. Wolfe learned about fashion and beauty firsthand when she began working at the Macintosh Computer Company’s design team. She observed the clash and solidarity between the highly competitive advertising group led by Macromedia founder John Shea and the more creative advertising group led by chief creative officer Scott Morrison. “You had the guys who were in the trenches, you had the guys who were on the advertising side, and you had the girls who were in the suits,” recalls Wolfe. As a result, she attended Fashion Week as a mere spectator, observing the emergence of new trends and styles from designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, and Tom Ford. Later, she became the face of Macromedia, working in advertising and marketing.

When it comes to fashion & beauty, one needs to look beyond the traditional models of beauty that are being used every day in magazines. “The media has played a big part in changing the way we see and define beauty,” says Wolfe. “It’s important to talk about issues of fashion and beauty beyond the models and runway styles.” Wolfe is currently working with fashion model Susanna Lima, who has become famous for modeling Mexican style clothing.

In the past, there were very few women in the fashion industry who were able to achieve the status that Wolfe has achieved, and some women who have been successful have come from very far and wide. Wolfe knows there are still barriers to women in the fashion industry, but she is not surprised by that. “If you believe in the beauty of woman, you will never be a victim of the macho alpha male,” she says. Instead, women have to take charge of their own reputations. “The media has played a big part in reinforcing the myths about women in the fashion industry.”

Wolfe is clear in her views on fashion & beauty. “I firmly believe that beauty comes from within, not outside. Fashion can only sustain the beauty standards that have already been decided upon,” she says. So if you are a woman who has been negatively affected by beauty ideals, do not despair. Fashion & beauty will come around. Just keep an open mind and practice what you learn from the experts.

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