Defining Good Health

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is a condition characterized by normal functioning of the body in its ordinary way without any unexpected damage or illness. It is equivalent to well-being. A variety of definitions are used over time for different purposes. Still, the general consensus is that health is the state when all the major systems of the body are functioning normally, and when the individual’s own health is optimum. Health is not just the absence of disease or disability. It also means having good relationships with people, being able to make informed decisions about health and maintaining a reasonable balance between work and family life.

Health is a complex concept that includes the psychological, physical and social aspects. It thus covers a wide spectrum of concepts, some of which are clearly explained and others not so much. One common but crucial aspect of a complete health concept is the notion of wellness, which suggest that there are three basic aspects that constitute the human condition, and they are: physical health, mental health and social well Being. All three are interdependent and interact together to produce the total quality of life.

It has always been recognized that although the physical well-being is essential for a healthy life, it is only a small part of what determines a person’s well-being. The fact is, apart from having a good health, you need all the other components of good health, such as good personal hygiene and a nutritious diet, to be attained to have a satisfactory level of physical well-being. A balanced approach to health maintenance is therefore necessary and should include a comprehensive routine involving the maintenance of a good weight, regular exercise, adequate sleep, regular visits to the doctor, and adequate social support. These aspects are important for promoting mental well-being.

If we want to achieve complete physical health, it is important that we consider all the health issues that affect us on a day-to-day basis, such as sleep, food, exercise, stress, social well being and mental health. A well-rounded approach to health maintenance will ensure that the various components of good health are properly balanced and compliment each other. A complete approach to health management will include a comprehensive treatment plan for all the aspects of the body that are affected by our daily activities. That is why, for effective management of a complete physical health, one must have a sound knowledge of the various components of the body and their specific requirements.

The other important aspect of good health management is the prevention of diseases and conditions that can develop over the course of time, if left untreated. There is a close link between the development of psychological illnesses and the development of physical illnesses. Thus, it is very important that any individual with a mental illness, including bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia or anxiety disorders is adequately diagnosed and treated promptly so that the effects of untreated mental illness can be brought under control.

In summary, good health refers to a complete physical well-being with a balanced combination of the mind and body. Health problems, if left untreated, can lead to a more serious condition, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease or stroke. Therefore, it is important that people live a healthy lifestyle and take their health into serious consideration by exercising regularly, eating well and taking part in mental health counseling. The definition of health is a subjective one and needs to be determined by each individual according to his or her individual circumstances.

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